Payment Terms and Conditions

Booking Fee

1. The payment of booking fee is to secure the booking of the maid.
2. The booking fee is refundable upon completing FOMEMA and PLKS by employer.

First Payment

1. The First Payment is 50% from the maid’s total fee.
2. The First Payment should be paid upon booking acceptance by recruitment agency within 48 hours, otherwise booking fee will be FORFEITED.

Final Payment

1. The Final Payment is a balance amount from the total maid’s fee.
2. The Final Payment should be paid upon Calling Visa’s approval.

Cancellation Policy

1. Any cancellation from Recruitment Agency, all amount due will be REFUNDABLE.
2. Any cancellation from employer, all paid amount will be FORFEITED.

Refund Policy

1. For any refund, the charge of RM3.00 (if you paid via FPX) or 2.8% (if you paid using Credit/Debit Card) will be deducted from your payment (this is due to standard local bank charge rate).
2. The refund process will be within 14 Working Days once all information/documentations are complete.

For any enquiries you may contact our support team at +603-7621 5154 or email us at